Conference Staff

Conference Chair

Bob Steagall

Safety and Inclusion Team

Michael Caisse
Christy Carpenter
Kevin Carpenter
David Sankel
Kristen Shaker

Program Committee Chair

Inbal Levi


Karen Krueger

Speaker Liaison

Chris Ryan

Student / Volunteer Chair

Kevin Carpenter


Bob Steagall

Program Committee

Inbal Levi (Chair)

Alex Dathskovsky
Amir Kirsh
Andreas Weis
Andrei Zissu
Andrew Soffer
Ansel Sermersheim
Ben Deane
Bob Steagall
Chandranath Bhattacharyya
Cheng-Hsiang Chiu
Chris Ryan
Daniel Withopf
David Sankel
Dian-Lun Lin
Eduardo Madrid
Ezra Chung
Fedor Pikus
Gábor Horváth
Hans de Nivelle
Ioannis Gonidelis
Jens Weller
Jonathan Lifflander
Jonathan Müller
Kris Jusiak
Lucian Radu Teodorescu
Luke Valenty
Matt Bentley
Michael Caisse
Nevin Liber
Nicolas Morales
Peter Muldoon
Peter Sommerlad
Pius Ogunleye
Richárd Szalay
Roi Barkan
Saksham Sharma
Sebastian Theophil
Shea Williams
Siva Chandra Reddy
Steven Brandt
Tobias Loew
Victor Ciura
Vitaly Fanaskov
William Hoffman
Zach Laine
Zhihao Yuan
Zie Weaver
Zoltan Porkola

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The Boost Foundation is proud to bring you C++Now, a conference formerly known as BoostCon.

The conference was started so that Boost developers and users could meet and discuss in person. It is now in its second decade of bring C++ experts and enthusiasts from around the world to beautiful Aspen, Colorado for discussions that shape how C++ is written.